Get most out of Paid Ads Saving Time And Money




Paid ads include Google AdWords Bing Ads & Facebook Ads are  a type of online ads called Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC), which drive most targeted volume of Converting traffic  to your dental website.


#1 REASON Online Ad Campaigns Work?


The core reason for mentioning both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads here is while they’re both PPC marketing platforms but they operate completely on a different approach.


Facebook gathers an overpowering amount of statistics about every person with an actively engaged account. These figures include their demographics & interests based on their behavior. Facebook Paid Ads use this information and target customers directing to specific groups. That’s why we see outstanding results for our clients when they engage with us on Facebook Ads.


Google AdWords uses a keyword—query-targeting method which shows results to specific targeted customers which allows you to show your dental practice’s ad to a potential new patient searching for specific services like yours on Google and their partner networks.




Getting started with Google AdWords


Keep these best practices in mind before jumping into Adwords to make most out of it.


These Tips will save your time and cost


  • Adwords is outperforming lead generator but you should not take it granted for being a new patient generator. However, This works as magic when you have a knowledge for it.
  • If your dental practice is not converting leading to new patients, just getting started with an AdWords campaign won’t resolve that problem.


Tip: Ensure your front end office staff is trained to convert those phone calls to new patients and that your dental practice’s website is ready to deliver all the promises your AdWords campaign is currently making.


  • Google Adwords works with pay-per-click formulation. As dental queries can be expensive, AdWords ad cannot be fruitful until handled with precise details. The Average click can cost anywhere from $6 to $10.


The more saturation your market has, the more dental websites compete for same ad space, which links to higher costs. These aspects make AdWords a very competitive lead generation channel. However, the results are very fast and accurate


  • Often create new patient promotions and new patients specials! You want to spend your AdWords budget on what has been proven to work, right?


  • Bonus Tip: Ads with words like “Free” and “Save $XX” convert more those that don’t. Adwords online ad campaign work great when there is a strong attention grabber that shows value to a potential patient.




Getting Started With Facebook Ads


Creating basic foundation. Facebook ads only work with a website or a Facebook page. Facebook page doesn’t have to be too fancy, and you don’t need to post continuous updates, but on the other hand your website needs to be EXCELLENT. Facebook ads help people get to your website, the website then convert them to phone calls.


Updating your Facebook page is not similar to running Facebook Ad campaigns. There’s nothing wrong with posting Facebook update on your dental practice’s website Facebook page, but people usually confuse that with creating targeted Facebook Ads!


  • Pick 2 services.Choose just 2 custom specific preferences you offer and recognize customers who usually would need them. For example, if you want to focus on dental implants, then your targeted ad demographic will likely be people in ages 25-54. Have a look at your current patient demographics and make sure you are targeting the right potential new patients.


  • Ask yourself why. Ask why patient would like to use your services you’re advertising, after then create your Facebook Ad copy that vibrates with this aim.


  • Keep away from overly-techy ads that display specific technology or experience. Have your ad emotionally connected with your potential new patients.



Getting Successful Using Online Ads


Never be afraid to hire an expert to handle your PPC ad campaigns. These need a lot of attention to be successful and can drive hundreds of qualified new patient leads to your practice.


Bonus Tip: It usually takes someone 8-10 years to become an expert at Google AdWordsand at least 3-5 years to reach that same level with Facebook Ads.


If you handle your PPC ad campaigns on your own, give yourself the time and budget to make a few mistakes along the way.


With dedicated time and persistence you’ll learn how to use your PPC ads budget to market your dental practice to drive high quality new patients into your office.